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Health care management is complicated. Beyond researching doctors, treatments, insurance, hospitals, locations, care plans, costs, risks and second opinions... Whew! This is where the temptation is to throw up your hands and say it’s just too much.

With My Medical Club, take a deep breath and feel uncertainty slip away. We’re here to make sure that you are taken great care of, both physically and mentally. That’s our job. My Medical Club has your back, every step of the way. So, you ask, how do we work this magic?

  • contact

    1. - CONTACT US

    Phone or email. We make it easy.

    After a few, simple questions you will be put in touch with your own personalized health care coordinator. Unsure about a treatment? Undecided on which hospital to choose?

    We've already done the legwork and have the answers you need.

  • planning


    Next is for your personal health care manager to lay out your treatment plan. They will clear up any doubts or confusion and send you an itemized list.

    Not only are you getting the best of the best in health care management, but you can be confident with our Best Possible Price.

    Feeling nervous?  Let your health care coordinator line up a video conference call direct with your doctor, so you can meet and talk, face to face. 

  • ready


    Travelling carries its own, new set of problems and questions.

    Which airline is best? Where should I stay while not at the clinic? How long a recovery time should I plan for? What about the current COVID problems?

    Not to worry! You will also be assigned a personal concierge who will ensure you’re completely prepared. Our concierge staff are travel experts and can provide useful tips to make your journey comfortable. No detail is overlooked.

  • treatment


    Okay! It’s time. Remember that we’re only a quick phone call or email away.

    We want your experience to be stress-free. So, don’t think of anything else but yourself right now and let My Medical Club take care of everything else.

  • recovery

    5. - RECOVERY

    Take time to relax. Now is vacation time where you can unwind, sit back and be grateful for all the good things in life.


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