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why Mexico


Mexico is the #1 choice of medical tourism destinations for North Americans looking for affordable family health care!

Last year (2019), the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ), a UK-based top medical travel resource site, ran a survey to determine the top countries found as most attractive and popular, as destinations for medical tourism.

Here are the top 6 reasons to consider Mexico for your medical tourism needs:

1.  Quality

First and foremost, we want quality health care; for ourselves, our families and our friends.

Mexico offers internationally accredited facilities and staff with a strong history of achievement and a commitment to quality health care.

The International Joint Commission has accredited seven hospitals in Mexico. There are over 100 hospitals that have been certified by the Federal Ministry of Health.

This instills confidence in the quality of the health care services provided at these medical facilities and guarantees conformation to international standards.

Doctors and other medical professionals working at the hospitals and clinics are highly qualified. Most specialists have received their education, or a part of it, in the USA and other international destinations. They are well versed with the latest advancements in the medical field.

They work with the best and the latest technology available in the industry and have the requisite infrastructure at their disposal to apply new and better methods.

2.  Cost Savings

Second on the list:  we want to save money (a lot of money!)

This is understandable for folks from the US, given the staggering family health care costs at home, as well as the alarming 84 million Americans that are not insured.

Canadians, also, are not exempt. The Canada Health Act does not cover prescription drugs, dental care, eye care nor anything that is deemed to be solely for cosmetic purposes.

Traveling to Mexico allows savings as high as 85%. Even factoring in travel and lodging costs, the total is often less than the price of the procedure alone if done in Canada, the States, the UK, and many other countries.

3.  Convenience

We don't want things to be complicated.

Mexico enjoys a privileged geographical location.

She shares her border with the US, is very near to Canada, and has close proximity to the South American countries. This works in favour of medical tourists looking for direct flights and affordable prices.

Mexico is well-connected to the rest of the world with many international flights bringing in travelers everyday.

4.  Safety, Security, Privacy

We want to feel safe.

Mexico is committed to the growth of medical tourism and tourism in general. Mexico has a very strong record when it comes to securing tourist facilities, especially for foreigners. The violence that is so widely portrayed in the news, is rural and regional, and does not affect the large centers and sunny seaside cities where private medical facilities have been developed.

5.  Access

We don't want to wait.

Another reason why medical tourists go abroad in search of quality health care and medical treatments are reduced wait times. Unlike many countries, such as the US, Canada and the UK, there are virtually no waiting lists in Mexico. Plus, there are many highly-specialized treatments available in Mexico that are not available in their home country.

6.  Climate & Culture

We want the best health care experience possible.

Not last, a good reason to pick Mexico is for its rich culture and history. You are guaranteed warm Hispanic hospitality with English speaking medical staff. Recovery time can be spent looking at endless beaches while enjoying tropical climate.

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